Maria's Headspace- its gettin' cold in here...

December 07, 2011

Maria's Headspace- its gettin' cold in here...

I hate the cold.  A lot.  Amongst my friends, it is a well-known fact that come winter I am all about warmth and getting me to do anything at all for fashion’s sake goes out the window (brrr) with my 7 thermal layers and knitwear jumpsuit.

Every year, winter comes and I seem to have forgotten just how much I really really hate the blustery winds, my fingers turning blue 2 minutes after I have stepped out of the house and that excruciating moment when you and the snooze button have to break up for the day and you push back the duvet to expose yourself to the ice, ice baby.  

Walking down the street yesterday I was able to see just how ridiculously unnecessary my allergic reaction to the cold is and how much I am only adding to my misery spending my entire walk to work mentally complaining about my frozen tootsies and dreaming of the many cups of tea I will consume on my arrival at Headspace HQ. 

Today as I was walking to work I stopped arguing with the cold and just let it kind of wash over me. It wasn’t pleasant to feel the windy chills and my mind still tried to go into overdrive but by not tensing up and just relaxing into the cold I was able to just be with what I was feeling and take it moment by moment rather than projecting my whole walk to work as a dreary arctic expedition. 

By getting out of  my head and actually being in the moment I saved myself a whole lotta negativity and arrived at work in a far better place to get busy.  Its amazing how meditation really does impact every single part of my life- she say taking a sip of tea cup no. 14 of the day…


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