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Can meditation make us happier?

by Kelton Wright

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What does it mean to be happy? Is it something we can be forever, or was it always meant to come in five minute bursts here and there?

On this episode of the Packcast, we did Headspace’s Happiness pack — 10 days of meditation on what it means to feel content, joyful, exuberant, happy, and even what it means to feel the opposite. This is one of my favorite packs, and after listening to this episode, it might be one of yours too.

Hosted by Kelton Wright, Alex Pompliano, and Jennifer Azlant. Produced by Scott Sorenson. 

Kelton Wright

Kelton Wright is the Editorial Director of Movement and Sport at Headspace. She is a published author, an avid cyclist, and a slow but enthusiastic trail runner. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @keltonwrites.

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