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If you’ve lost all motivation to exercise, listen to this podcast on training.

by Kelton Wright

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When people say, “it’s the journey, not the destination,” I’m almost certain they’ve never trained for a marathon. Training — even just learning — can be full of obstacles, failures, misguided hopes, and actual pain. Some of us love it.  Others? Not so much. Training, for whatever your goal, is meant to be a challenge. But is there a way to make it easier? To make it more effective?

On this episode of the Packcast, we did Headspace’s Sport Training pack — 10 days of rethinking your thinking on training. This pack took me from reluctant jogger to planning a trail marathon. Tune in for where it might take you.

Kelton Wright

Kelton Wright is the Editorial Director of Movement and Sport at Headspace. She is a published author, an avid cyclist, and a slow but enthusiastic trail runner. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @keltonwrites.

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