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Gearing up for a fitness-focused resolution? Listen to this first.

by Kelton Wright

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I always thought motivation came in the form of inspiration. But when you hit fitness plateaus (or just the cold weather blues), it can be really challenging to lace up and get out the door.

But what does meditation have to do with inspiration and motivation? Turns out, more than we thought. Listen below for how the Sport Motivation meditations surprised us and got us motivated to do more than just go for a jog.

[Note: These are our personal views of Headspace’s Relationships meditations. We’re Headspace employees, just trying to build a meditation practice that works for us. Some adult language used.]

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Kelton Wright

Kelton Wright is the Director of Editorial of the Orange Dot, as well as the author of "Anonymous Asked: Life Lessons from the Internet’s Big Sister". She can be seen riding her bike more often than not.

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