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Headspace Q&A: Chase Spenst

by Headspace

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1. You woke up this morning and the first thing you thought was…

Cash flow.

2. What is your typical morning ritual?

I get up, take the dog out, feed him and brew coffee, then take a few minutes for myself and my coffee. Read, meditate, write down thoughts I had while brewing coffee, then shower and get ready, walk the dog and then ride my bike to work.

3. What keeps you up at night?

Feeling out of control in things that I think should be within my control, plus the frustration of results not matching the work put in.

4. What advice would you give someone sitting down to meditate for the first time?

Just be open to it and set aside preconceived ideas and expectations, both positive and negative.

5. When and where do you like to meditate?

I’ll find time throughout the day, often in the morning but sometimes I’m feeling pretty quiet in the morning and it isn’t until later in the day I feel the need to slow things down.

6. How does your mind feel before you meditate?

Usually, I meditate when things feel like they are coming at me from too many sides, like I just got ambushed in an alley by a bunch of ninjas.

7. How does it feel after?

The ninjas are still there, but they have conveniently gotten in line for me to beat up one by one.

8. What’s your favorite Headspace pack?

I enjoyed the Focus pack.

9. What has meditation helped you with the most?

I think it’s helped me focus my energy, creativity, ideas, etc., into productive problem solving and give it order instead of dealing with things in a stream of consciousness way. Ideas came from wherever and shot off into tangents which made it hard for me to listen to people and get things done. Now I can slow things down and take in more without reacting but then formulate reactions in my time.

10. What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

My wife.

11. What’s the kindest thing someone did for you this week?

Listened to me.

12. Who or what is the current love of your life?

The love of my life is my wife, the obsession of my life is my business.

13. Have you ever experienced a life changing moment?

Thousands of them.

14. What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

I am in control of everything I need to be in control of.

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