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10 stories from 2016 that will help you in 2017

by Alex Pompliano

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So long, 2016. It’s been real. If not a little too real at times.

Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish in the New Year, we have hundreds of stories that might help you out. (And they’re all great, I promise.) So, before the ball drops, the corks pop, and “Auld Lang Syne” becomes the most streamed track on Spotify, let’s take a look at our most impactful stories of 2016.

Are you your own bully?

As Jennifer Rollin writes, “We all have that ‘inner critic’ voice in our head.” But that doesn’t mean you have to let it stir up unnecessarily negative thoughts.


How to get motivated to exercise … for the rest of your life

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympian or a recovering couch potato, we all could use a little motivation to keep moving.


What’s the right amount of sex?

Diana Levy mines her failed relationships and speaks to a therapist for the surprising answer to this rarely-asked question.


The secret benefit of routines. It won’t surprise you.

There’s purpose to our patterns … right? I won’t spoil it for you.


Are you sabotaging yourself?

Are you sabotaging yourself?

When life isn’t going as planned, it’s easy to feel like your own worst enemy. Here, Jennifer Nelson explores these thoughts and how to end the cycle of self-sabotage.


Burnt out? Try this.

There are a million reasons to feel emotionally and physically depleted. It happens. Thankfully, there are options.


The 3 most common mistakes we make when dealing with anxiety

The 3 most common mistakes we make when dealing with anxiety

Face it: anxiety is unavoidable. But you can avoid making it worse.


How to deal with a toxic family member

How to deal with a toxic family member

After a tumultuous sibling relationship, Nicole Pajer enlists the help of her therapist to survive her family ties.

5 reasons to shut up and dance

I’ve never been one to cut a rug on the regular. But Dr. Jenn Bennett makes a good case for me to dust off my dancing shoes.


Till death do us part

If you’ve experienced loss, you’ll know that the grieving process is hardly a process—it’s turbulent and draining, and rarely makes sense. But essays like this make coping just a little bit easier.


Alex Pompliano

Alex's writing has appeared on VICE, Noisey, and other corners of the internet. Follow him @alexpompliano.

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