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Radio Headspace #54 – ‘How to Be’

by Georgie Okell

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This week on Radio Headspace, we’ll be breaking the episode into three parts, and I’ll be speaking to three authors who have written books for an exclusive series commissioned by The School of Life.

Each book in the series explores a particular aspect of living healthier and happier daily lives. I’ll be talking to the authors of ‘How to Make a Home’ (Edward Hollis), ‘How to be Bored’ (Eva Hoffman) and ‘How to Live in the City’ (Hugo Macdonald).

If you like what you hear, Ed, Hugo and Eva, the authors featured in this podcast, will all be speaking at The School of Life Live in London on the 9th of March. And if you enjoy Radio Headspace, please do take a second to subscribe on iTunes. You can get in touch with us on

Georgie Okell

Georgie Okell is a TV and Radio host from the UK. She currently hosts and produces the podcast Radio Headspace, which has almost 1 million plays in 2015. She also runs marathons.

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