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Radio Headspace #47 – If We Weren’t Afraid

by Georgie Okell

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Radio Headspace launched in January of this year, and almost a million of you have tuned in since then, so thank you to all of you who’ve supported us in 2015. This is our last episode of the year, and going into the new year, change is often at the forefront of our minds. I wanted to use this episode to prove that change is possible and doesn’t need to be so scary.

This episode features a conversation with Natalie Wellington, whose name may sound familiar if you’re a reader of the Headspace blog. Natalie was living a comfortable and seemingly happy life when she decided, in her thirties, to gamble it all and retrain as an airline pilot.

I also spoke to people out and about in Los Angeles to find out what we consider our best decisions, and what chances we’d take if we weren’t afraid.

Have a happy holiday and I’ll be back in the new year talking about how when we change one thing, we change everything. Thanks so much to all of you for tuning in this year. Please do take a second to subscribe to Radio Headspace on iTunes, and you can always get in touch with us

Georgie Okell

Georgie Okell is a TV and Radio host from the UK. She currently hosts and produces the podcast Radio Headspace, which has almost 1 million plays in 2015. She also runs marathons.

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