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Welcome to the Depression pack

by Headspace

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Depression is common, and it may just be as old as the mind itself. The Depression pack, which you are now beginning, was the developed in response to hundreds of requests from the Headspace community.

This is a 30-day pack, and it uses three different techniques. The first 10 days feature a noting technique, the second uses a visualization to develop a sense of flow in the mind (useful for helping us to put down baggage and let go of the past) and the final 10 days use a slightly different visualization to examine the dynamic of ‘self’ and ‘other’.

The hope is that using this pack we should be able to develop a kind approach to the negative thoughts that arise in the mind, not blaming ourselves for them, instead gently allowing the mind to come to rest.

Remember, you’re not alone, these are techniques that have helped meditators struggling with feelings of acute loss, hopelessness and loneliness over the course of many thousands of years.


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