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Radio Headspace #42 – Reconnecting with the one you love

by Georgie Okell

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Reconnecting with the One You Love is an episode we made in back February, which features advice from award-winning relationships expert Laurie Davies, as well as a conversation on the neuroscience of dating with Dr. Claudia Aguirre. Since we’re talking about love this week, we thought we’d put it back out in case you missed it the first time around.

This episode also comes with some news from Radio Headspace. We’re working on a lot of new stuff right now, and the podcast is getting a bit of a makeover. With that said, we won’t be here next week, which is honestly going to be a little strange for me since I’ve put an episode out every week this year. But we’ll be hard at work making something brand new, so please bear with us.

In the meantime, if there’s something you think should be featured on Radio Headspace, anything you think we’ve missed, or if there are particular episodes you’ve loved or haven’t loved, please do let me know Your feedback is hugely helpful.

Georgie Okell

Georgie Okell is a TV and Radio host from the UK. She currently hosts and produces the podcast Radio Headspace, which has almost 1 million plays in 2015. She also runs marathons.

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