This month is all about The Reconnection Challenge, helping you find ways to reconnect with those important relationships in your life.

The latest research in to meditation suggests it can have a powerful and positive effect on our relationships. Regular meditation practice can increase feelings of empathy and kindness, as well as our levels of acceptance, which could potentially provide the most radical shift of all. It’s even been shown to elevate feelings of compassion and altruism.

When we bring mindfulness to relationships, we’re more able to let go of the past, bringing our experience into the present moment and being with people as they really are, right now.

The simple fact is, when we feel good about ourselves we tend to be happier and generally more content. We also tend to be less reactive, allowing others to be who they are, instead of projecting our own ideas on to them the whole time.

For a little easy listening this weekend, here’s a podcast from Andy talking about applying mindfulness to our relationships. Be sure to tune in on Monday for the brand new episode of Radio Headspace (available through iTunes) where we’ll be navigating the sometimes confusing world of online dating and exploring how to be present this Valentine’s Day.

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