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A mini moment of mindfulness

by Headspace

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There’s a very ancient belief that the practice of meditation isn’t just good for you, but for those around you. It gives you a little uplift, that helps you to spread happiness to the people who you come into contact with in your daily life. Isn’t that a bit like a cup of tea? Particularly if you’re making one for someone else too.

So since tea-drinkers and meditators have so much in common already, I’d like to suggest to you the idea of bringing the two together in your life.

It takes a few minutes to make a cup of tea, to boil the water, and brew your favorite flavor. Just that little interval is long enough to practice a little bit of mindfulness and even some meditation.

So firstly just while the kettle is rumbling to a boil, rather than letting your mind wander, playing with your phone, or daydreaming, try closing your eyes, and listening to the sound it makes. Just try to be there, still and listening. That’s mindfulness – it really is as easy as that.

Now, you’ll need to open your eyes for this next bit. Pour the water over your favourite bag and wait for the delicious flavours to percolate (about three minutes ideally). Put the kettle down safely and once again, close your eyes but this time concentrate on your breathing. Breathe normally through your nose, and try to notice the breath passing in and out through the nostrils. Count the breaths, from one to ten. Don’t worry if you get distracted, just go back to number one.

Once you think your time is up, open your eyes again and take the bag out of the cup. And voila, that’s it, you’ve tried meditation, and you’ve made a delicious cup of tea into the bargain.


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