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If I don’t identify with my feelings, how should I answer the question: “how are you?”

by Andy Puddicombe

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I started my Headspace Journey back in November 2013 and have loved it. I’ve been going through gastrointestinal health issues and I have found that meditation/mindfulness has helped.

My question to you today is about people often asking me how am I feeling or saying “You must be tired,” or “You look tired,” or “You feel tired.”

I know that in learning to meditate I am looking to separate the mind from feelings. I don’t want to attach a feeling with me, my or I. How should I respond to these questions without attaching myself to these feelings?

Thank you for your time and thank you to the Headspace team for this program.

Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe is a meditation and mindfulness expert. An accomplished presenter and writer, Andy is the voice of all things Headspace. In his early twenties, midway through a university degree in Sports Science, Andy made the unexpected decision to travel to the Himalayas to study meditation instead. It was the beginning of a ten-year journey which took him around the world, culminating with ordination as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in Northern India. His transition back to lay life in 2004 was no less extraordinary. Training briefly at Moscow State Circus, he returned to London where he completed a degree in Circus Arts with the Conservatoire of Dance and Drama, whilst drawing up the early plans for what was later to become Headspace.