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Imagine if everyone took a little time out for their minds each day. Wouldn’t that be a kinder, more patient kind of world? This month we’ve surpassed 1 million subscribers, but there are so many people still to reach.

The history of Headspace in numbers

June 2018

1 million subscribers

This month, Headspace surpassed 1 million subscribers and every single one of them has been a vital part of this incredible journey. By developing their compassion and awareness, they’ve already helped improve the health and happiness of the world.

Andy meets Jimmy

Aug 2017

Andy meets Jimmy

1.86 Million views

Andy appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and leads a live two-minute meditation, the largest of its kind in the world.

June 2017

New Headspace launches

After years in development, the New Headspace launches. It features a whole new look and feel, new animations, and even more content.

Headspace V2 launches

July 2014

Headspace V2 launches

332 hours of guided meditation

Headspace V2, which includes packs on everything from Sleep to Stress, has more than 300 hours of guided meditation.

Rich and Andy move to US

March 2013

Rich and Andy move to US

20 employees

In 2013, Rich and Andy move from Angel, Islington in the UK to Los Angeles, California. The Headspace staff comprises 20 people in two offices.

June 2012

Andy’s first book

10 languages

The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness is published by Hodder. It will go on to be translated into 10 different languages and is now sold in more than 25 countries.

Headspace V1 launches

Jan 2012

Headspace V1 launches


We launched our first app in the app store in January 2012. It was downloaded a whopping 312 times that very first day.

April 2011

Air Headspace

11 airlines

We launched a key partnership in a place where people are naturally sitting still, and ready to listen: on Virgin Airlines flights. Headspace will eventually partner with 11 airlines reaching more than 800 million travellers per year worldwide.

May 2010

Headspace’s first live event

180 attendees

Headspace (not yet an app) hosts its first event. 180 people attend at BAFTA in London where Andy demonstrates juggling and teaches meditation.

The monk and the ad man

Jan 2010

The monk and the ad man

2 founders

Andy Puddicombe is a former Buddhist monk hellbent on teaching mindfulness to the world. Rich Pierson is an advertising executive skilled in mass communication. They agree to do a skill-swap and so, Headspace is born.

June 2004

Andy returns home

1 former monk

Andy Puddicombe returns to the UK after training for ten years at monasteries in Asia, culminating in his ordination as Buddhist monk. He has a single goal in mind: spreading the practice of meditation.

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